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Dear Whoever You are, Edit

Dear Whoever you are,

Glad to know you want my IP address banned. 8U
Love you too.

Sorry, love, but you were spamming/trolling/etc. If you weren't doing that I'd have no problem with you and wouldn't even know of your presence.

Just trying to help out the community.

I indeed was spamming. I'm terribly sorry about this. I was pretty much having a little laugh with my friends. There was another one of my friends who did the same. If this site is to ban my IP (which I plead not to, I enjoy using this site for reference and as does my sister) , Please do not ban hers. She's just as silly as I am.

I'm sorry. Your banning isn't under my control--as I said I'm not an admin or anything. I don't think it'd prevent you from using the site, just from editing things. I understand that you were trying to have fun, but. . . .

For your sake I hope they don't ban your IP, since you weren't doing it just to be an annoyance or anything.

Alright, that'd be good. I had edited the normal Wikipedia page once, and they apparently didn't like it. I was still allowed to edit, for I actually was of some use to some pages there. And I know you're not an admin, but one complaint could change just about everything.

And thank you for understanding. I will try not to be an annoyance to this site.

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