You're not strange for preferring the sub at all! You shouldn't have to feel pressured by people talking about one of the versions, like you have to be forced to watch. Actually depending on which "side" you've taken in fandom (neutrals or conflicted people still apparently don't exist), it's either the sub-watchers or the dub-watchers that are "freaks".

Not going to mention the more controversial changes, but the dub did take out some references that wind up with scenes making no sense due to the historical footnotes not matching up with what characters are saying (episode 1's the first example). So if you hadn't seen the original, it would be very confusing. I don't think it's exact to say they 4kids'd things, but the dub is a very different thing. Sometimes they stay closer, but other times? Yeah, very different. The original version's also got the personalities closer to Himaruya's takes on the characters, good or bad as that is (while the dub's...well, we've already seen so much on that everywhere that it'd just be silly to repeat it all).

And not shipping anything is fine and normal. Just because shippers are louder or the most extreme type of shipping is what you may see often, doesn't mean it has to be the norm for everyone.

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