you probably noticed the predictions i gave last time were absolute crap = =

Here is the link to my last time's useless rant, now all you need to do is laugh at me = =

The idea for last time was that Himaruya sensei was going to release something suprising around Halloween. I must confess that as he started showing everyone in Halloween costumes, i knew my game was up......

So you'd think all i will talk about in this blog post is how i will never pursue an overanalysis profession, because clearly it got me nowhere. Well, think again. *getting smacked from all angles*

Nah....the overanalysis will be back at a later date....but for now i would like to remind you that what we know for sure is the fact that the Winter Holidays will deserve its place on the blog, like it did for the past couple of years. For example, Vietnam was introduced during last year's Christmas wishes. Though she is yet to make a formal debut in the story, I am sure that Himaruya sensei is working on that. *smily face*

So what are your holiday wishes you want directly from Himaruya sensei's desk? Have fun but remember be reasonable like i said last time, do try to justify your wishes.

Personally, with the recent developments on Portugal/Luxemburg/Malaysia/Indonesia, I want to see them complete. That would mean a complete character physical outlook and a setting.

The setting is probably unlikely, simply for the fact that introduced characters like Australia/New Zealand/Vietnam/Thailand/Cameroon/Monaco have not yet received a formal character setting. (I am willing to bet that i may be wrong on Monaco, i must say i haven't been keeping myself up to date recently *smack myself*)

So either show a few strips of comics involving the 10 character mentioned above, or include them into Volume 4. I mean all of them are in one way or another quite related to the eight main characters. I mean who is not.

I understand that we all want our country to be represented, but i think we are at a stage where Himaruya sensei may need some time to organize and reorganize, develop and further develop some of the new characters he has been planning. Continuously introduce new characters without development will lead to a disunited series in the future in my personal opinion. It would result in deviation from the original idea. Not that i believe the original idea is WW2, because i think Himaruya sensei started more or less with the idea on international relations or whatever. Introducing characters and not develop them will generate disconnectedness amongst the characters, and we all know that the world is very connected. So my holiday wish is to see the 10 countries i mentioned above be more complete than they are now.

Finally, i would like to acknowledge the Singaporean/Filipino/Mexican/Chilean/Peruvian/Czech/Slovakian fans for waiting for this long. Hang on tight for another six month, by the summer holidays i am sure things will change. I am praying for you everyday, wholeheartedly.

PS. No, Himaruya sensei, i don't really want to see Andorra, as much as i like to see France and Spain together, another microstate will not do us much good....

PPS. I do have to say that if my country had not yet been represented from the very beginning, i probably will be wishing for my country to be represented. So this post is quite biased. Keep that in mind when you respond.

PPPS. I am really sorry to spell Filipino wrong *entering a room for 24 hour solitary*

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