We've got such a splurge of new users to this wiki, so I thought I ought to post this. 

Hello new users, I hope you're enjoying this wiki. I am the current owner of this shadow wiki (my rights were granted by the founder), and my three administrators are: Roseoffire, Jazzgx, and Allusional. Please feel free to contact any one of us! I am prone to inactivity as I am very busy creating and implementing a college level Chinese curriculum in a high school setting and am busy student aiding in the aforementioned subject. I am also busy with school in general, however please feel to leave a message on my talk if it's urgen. 

Please always check the Rulebook before posting! Let's make this a great wiki, even though it is a shadow to our main Hetalia Archives which is being hosted here.  Thanks, and le'ts make this a cohesive and friendly environment! 



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