WonderfulAsia here, 

I've been given permission to clean up this wiki. It seems like any active user here on this wiki needs to read this. Forthcoming, and current editors of this wiki please read this. 

This wiki is not the actual Hetalia Archive's wikipedia page, however at the current moment it is down due to server errors. However, this wiki has still been visited as a source as a backup source of information. However due to spamvandalism, and users not following rules and regulations have left former administrators being persecuted for others people's actions.

All of the former admins FH14, Icelily, Wisnia,have all left this wikipedia, and I'll be overseeing this wiki primarily as I am the only active admin here at the current moment. So any flaming, direct it to me - and not users no longer active.

For fans, let's work together to make this wiki a trustworth, and accurate source of back up information. 

So, before we can create a cohesive and productive environment. Certain rules need to be laid down. These are still in the process, however these are regulations that are already set in stone. The Rulebook 

can be read here. Please take your time to read them. Several violations will lead in subsequent banning. 

I hate to run such a tight ship, but this wiki's turned into a mess. Mind all of you, that this wiki name does not include "fan" wiki. If you're itching to create a wiki with your own OCS, you're free to create a wiki of your own. Please be cooperative. 

Our purpose is to circulate offical information, not biased opinions. 



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