Wonderfulasia here, 

I have looked over all 410 arcticles in this wiki and have made edits according to rules. Most of vandalism has been removed, and users responsible have also been banned. If anymore spam or vandalism is present, please message me - and I will block the user. 

Also, whilst looking over these pages. This wiki is very out-dated. We've yet to have any information on the Beautiful World, and it's media. We are also lacking information on Hetalia volumes 4-6, and recent CDS, and books. I know pages are long to create, and edit (trust me) - however if people can start making pages for the episodes, and anything else related. All would be welcome.

There are also pages I have marked as incomplete due to lack of information. If you've the time please do edit this. 

Please remember to look up the rulebook!

Many thanks. 



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