• WonderfulAsia

    Welcome new users

    October 11, 2014 by WonderfulAsia


    We've got such a splurge of new users to this wiki, so I thought I ought to post this. 

    Hello new users, I hope you're enjoying this wiki. I am the current owner of this shadow wiki (my rights were granted by the founder), and my three administrators are: Roseoffire, Jazzgx, and Allusional. Please feel free to contact any one of us! I am prone to inactivity as I am very busy creating and implementing a college level Chinese curriculum in a high school setting and am busy student aiding in the aforementioned subject. I am also busy with school in general, however please feel to leave a message on my talk if it's urgen. 

    Please always check the Rulebook before posting! Let's make this a great wiki, even though it is a shadow to our mai…

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  • WonderfulAsia

    Good evening everybody - I would like to announce that I have promoted three of our wiki's members to the Bureaucrat status for their constant, and helpful contributions. The following users that have now been promoted are: 




    If you've the time please thank them for the contributions. The old team has left, and now another has started. Let's all give it our best! 



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  • WonderfulAsia

    Good evening, 

    I believe that since we are repurposing this wiki - we ought to bring the character pages back. The only reason these pages were deleted was due to the former admins wishing to move their official information to another wiki. 

    If you've the chance - please create character pages for the official characters and try to add as much valid information as possible! There is a format I'd like to use, which can bee seen here:

    The information added in the page is merely an idea, and any information one thinks is worth noting -please feel free to add. However do not copy and paste information from the other Hetalia Kitawiki. 

    In this blog, I'd like to recognize the users: roseoffire …

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  • WonderfulAsia

    Wonderfulasia here, 

    I have looked over all 410 arcticles in this wiki and have made edits according to rules. Most of vandalism has been removed, and users responsible have also been banned. If anymore spam or vandalism is present, please message me - and I will block the user. 

    Also, whilst looking over these pages. This wiki is very out-dated. We've yet to have any information on the Beautiful World, and it's media. We are also lacking information on Hetalia volumes 4-6, and recent CDS, and books. I know pages are long to create, and edit (trust me) - however if people can start making pages for the episodes, and anything else related. All would be welcome.

    There are also pages I have marked as incomplete due to lack of information. If you'…

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  • WonderfulAsia

    Repurposing this Wiki

    December 30, 2013 by WonderfulAsia

    WonderfulAsia here, 

    I've been given permission to clean up this wiki. It seems like any active user here on this wiki needs to read this. Forthcoming, and current editors of this wiki please read this. 

    This wiki is not the actual Hetalia Archive's wikipedia page, however at the current moment it is down due to server errors. However, this wiki has still been visited as a source as a backup source of information. However due to spamvandalism, and users not following rules and regulations have left former administrators being persecuted for others people's actions.

    All of the former admins FH14, Icelily, Wisnia,have all left this wikipedia, and I'll be overseeing this wiki primarily as I am the only active admin here at the current moment. So…

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