StarsandPeacesigns StarsandPeacesigns 30 June 2012

So I found this video...

For anyone who is a fan of Prussia, Vocaloid, Rin Kagamine, and Princesses, click here.

UGH PRUSSUA LOOKS SO CUTE I COULDN'T RESIST TO WRITE A BLOG POST ABOUT IT. Also, I didn't make the video and the video is based off of the PV for "I Wanna Be a Princess" by Rin Kagamine.

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StarsandPeacesigns StarsandPeacesigns 11 June 2012

Just a Couple of Ideas

I noticed that a majority of pages on this wiki are about pairings. No offense but seriously? What about character pages? I say that you guys(or fangirls) should have just put the pairings on one page and made seprate character pages instead. Alot of these pairings aren't official anyways. And what about episode pages? No offense but all we kinda do is just write comments on blogs. We should have more info on characters at least. And yes this could be debatable but the pairing pages are just kinda useless. Just an idea.

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