So, in this blog post, I shall be defending my ships against... no one?? I guess I can't argue with myself anymore, so let's create a blog! Yay!


Prussia and Austria are very... different in regards to life, with Prussia being a fighter and Austria being... Well... a young master type??? It might just be me, but they have this dynamic between them. Prussia constantly teases and mocks Austria, but he does the same thing to Germany, who he obviously cares about, in brotherly regards. I have a headcanon that Prussia just mocks anyone who he cares about. Austria also seems a cold about his feelings, not really revealling anything.


Both Norway and Iceland seem unfeeling and emotionless, but I think that Norway is an overprotective older brother to the max and would do anything for Iceland. On the kitayume wiki thing, it stated in Icey's biography that he's cold on the outside, but is passionate on the inside, so... Yeah. Oyabun's main problem with this ship is that they're brothers, but meh. I want to marry over ten fictional characters, so I'm lax in who loves who/what.


Both Russia and Canada are often left alone. Russia, with everybody being completely terrefied of him to the point of aoiding him and Canda with nobody seeing him exept his brother, France and England. So I honestly think that they would bond amazingly well over their loneliness, and their country's climates, also. Just out of similarities, and later fall in love. Also since America hates Russia, it's a kinda taboo romance thing.


France and England have this love hate relationship that is so unusual, but so at the same time cool and amazing. They argue with each other so often, but whenever someone enters their fight, they argue against that person, they also act like a married old couple, and I totes believe in the FACE family!!! It can really exist... France is the daddy, Iggy is the mommy and America and Canada are the kids!


Germany is so akward around love, whereas Italy is so aborable, and kinda romantic. That makes them look aborable together, and the valentine's day strip was the best in the world. Just yes. I think I love the fact that Germany is also a very tough guy, and constantly protects the adorable, oblivious Italy. *squeals* I guess there's something so adorkable about it!!!!! Just those two are freaking adorable. You know, I am a strong believer in Germany being the Holy Roman Empire... It seems super-cute!!!


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