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    Reasons For My Ships

    January 17, 2014 by Roseoffire

    So, in this blog post, I shall be defending my ships against... no one?? I guess I can't argue with myself anymore, so let's create a blog! Yay!

    Prussia and Austria are very... different in regards to life, with Prussia being a fighter and Austria being... Well... a young master type??? It might just be me, but they have this dynamic between them. Prussia constantly teases and mocks Austria, but he does the same thing to Germany, who he obviously cares about, in brotherly regards. I have a headcanon that Prussia just mocks anyone who he cares about. Austria also seems a cold about his feelings, not really revealling anything.

    Both Norway and Iceland seem unfeeling and emotionless, but I think that Norway is an overprotective older brother to…

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