Hiiii this is novembre pronounce it as november although they're not the same  I ship weirdest pairings  I am a chinese living in america so my english might be unnatural at times  Sorry!

Favorite Characters: France, Spain, Portugal, Austria (weirdly enough all of them are from the continent. do i have an unknown interest in continental europe? haven't the faintest idea

Shippings: *list of weirdest shippings* Germany/France, Spain/France, Spain/Portugal, Spain/England, England/France

I don't really dislike any characters or shippings but i will take it offensive when anyone says canada is transparent or france is a pervert/voyeur  maybe im being overly sensitive but i haven't the faintest idea  and many people take those things offensive too so maybe im not more sensitive than average fangirls

Am I Catholic... or Protestant? God...I'm agnostics. (trying to speak in memes)

i am one of those mainland chinese who are not sensitive about politics and/or memes but i might take stereotypes offensive

thank you for reading!!

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