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  • NiyoRiyo

    Bounjour!/Hey guys! Good morning! Today, I was checked out Animate's site for France and America's Hatafutte Parade today and I found it! The link is below my little thoughts and opinions, so sit back and enjoy the preview of Hattafutte Parade!

    America's: Very fitting and 'Americany', loved the techno theme! Didn't hate it or anything because I usually listen to this type of music; "The world revolving on the Stars and Stripes" well, that means I won that bet with my Hetalia buddies on what America was going to say; "Are. You. Ready?" matched the theme of the song, reminded me of when you would play DDR at the arcade.

    France's: Very smooth and magnifique, loved France's "De zekochou!~"; Not so bad, I prefer Hatafutte Parade over his MKC; Learn…

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  • NiyoRiyo

    I was wondering if there can be articles for the drama CD tracks like the Mini-Dramas, Honey Bee, Ore-Sama no CD with english translations because some fans who take the time to listen to the drama CD's wanna know what they are saying. I know some of the drama CD's are pretty long like China's "Asian and Western Festivals" found in The Hetalia Character CD vol.8.

    But it would be nice if there were translations for it so the fans could actually laugh at what they just said instead of laughing because of America's funny scream or because Tony the Alien said something and so he got censored*. I don't really go to Live Journal for translations or Hetalia-related stuff unless it is a really good post so don't expect me to go there anytime soon. …

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  • NiyoRiyo

    Today's the day everyone! Funimation announces the winners of the Great Hetalia Fsn Card Campaign! In total, I herd Funi got about 2,800 cards from us loyal fellow hetalia fans! I also have a link where you can download the season 2 song for Hetalia Funimation made a while ago (`・ω・´). Feel free to comment and mention where you can find your cards/ how they look like!~

    .。.:*・゜゚・* Grand Prize winners (A total of 11)・゜゚・*:.。.


    Hetalia Season 1

    Hetalia Poster signed by the english VA's of the Allies and Axis

    Hetalia Quadruple Rainbow Card Set

    Limited edition White Hetalia Bandana


    • Italy [All this time, Italy was Mona Lisa??]
    • Germany
    • Japan
    • America
    • England
    • France
    • Russia
    • China
    • Other (Prussia) [KESESESESEZE]
    • Group or pairing
    • Group of cards […
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  • NiyoRiyo

    Well I was soooo looking foward to see who were the winners in Funimation's great big card campgain but looks like the announcement date was changed to August 20th. Bwaaah I was so looking foward who the winners were (perhaps you guys too!) but we'll just have to wait! And don't worry, it'll be in 1 week!~

    Hmmm but the funny thing is, is that today's Friday the 13th so maybe that was part of the delay factor (LOLIDK)

    Link for Funi's blog update on the card campaign:

    In the meantime, lets sit down and have some tea and pasta with wurst as a side dish~

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