I've been dragged back into this fandom, nice to see y'all again

So how we feeling? Any thoughts/hopes/fears for Season 7?

Personally, I'm very excited to read the continuation of the HWS manga when it starts back up in January, and I hope we get to see my boi Knights Templar in anime form, also excited to see more France in this house 🙏 I'm also really curious about Hima's other work that he announced alongside the Hetalia stuff, it looks interesting!

(And who knows, maybe we'll get an official HWS manga translation at some point 👀)

With all this new Hetalia content, hopefully I'll be more active here in the future (or at least I'll be active again until my main fandom snatches me back up again lol), so there's that too

May all the new Heta content be great! Thank you, Dark Lord Hima, for this sustenance.

Night the cringe2 (talk) 21:54, 22 October 2020 (UTC)

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