LCPLOwen LCPLOwen 11 February 2018


So i was wondering around on the interwebs and checking out stuff of hetalia when i came across a character i never heard of and a link, I clicked on the link and out comes a thing calle geocities. From what i saw they are created by Himaruya himself and they are based off of the nations capitals (Hopefully).       

So i ask in this blog post wheather you guys and gals of the fandom can translate,Findout or tell me what this thing is because im intriuged. Especially since i can have Riga as a possible character that isn;t a OC. HAHA THE POWER          *Cough* Cough

anyways i would appreciate and it and before you wonder why i don't ask Hetafacts, Well she doesn't like to respond to the comments on her vi…

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