Hey! its Cora, i just wanted to let you know, specifically you, OldWorldBlues42, that WE CAN ADOPT THE WIKI!! even the wikia community WANTS this wiki adopted, and i have proof:


heres one, your request form, it seems the only problem was that you went on that vacation for a month, (your still on it at the time of this blog post but whatever) and they are freely letting you put in another entry, and will consider!

and then on StarsandPeacesigns talk page, they left a note telling stars (if ya dont mind me sharing, just so i can prove more of a point here, StarsandPeacesignes has been helping us with OWB's cause ^^)

it says: Checking in. Hi, I saw your blog post and wanted to say that I think it would be great for you to add more content on the characters, episodes, etc. Many members of the former community have moved to a new site, but as they mentioned we have kept the site open so members who have decided to stay and new editors can still participate here. Please let me know if you plan to stay and any help you might need-- sarah from the wikia community site.

SO! well see what happens now, i guess? thank you all. ^^

and, thank you, to The Maverick013 for letting us know to tell her!

see you!~ Hasta La Pasta!~

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