So basically now that the spam-ridden pages have been opened up again by the lovely people running wikia we're going to try to repurpose this place to host some other form of information regarding Hetalia. (Like maybe an archive for roleplays and fansites and such). Either way, this site hasn't been an accurate source of info on the show for a while and even if some crazy optimistic out there wanted to revitalize this place, it would probably require a mass deletion to start over in compiling info.

EDIT: Basically the majority of the people I have spoken with seem to think that the best way to utalize the site is to highlight the fanon, meme, and merchandising aspects. Pages like the Uniform Guide and Pairings will remain while official songs, episodes, manga, and characters will be consolidated. The Meme's page will also likely be expanded into its own section as well, and new sections such on official merchandise will also be created.

For more information, see this post:

No action will be taken (i.e. the pages will all remain as-is) until the Shoutwiki site is back up and running, which should hopefully be soon. Once that site is up again some form of this plan will go into effect as the wikia staff have made no effort to help us come up with a solution and just wore their mod hats and reverted every action we have tried to take.

Clarifying on some things: Contrary to the tone of the rest of this post, I do care about this site. If I didn't I would just leave and not make any fuss at all. It may seem that I come across as arrogant, and I admit that occasionally I have let my temper flare up (usually because I have to restate something that has already been stated for people who are tl;dr. After a while it can get annoying if its the exact same query.) I do want this place to be a valued resource, and I simply don't want this place to turn into a place for people to simply copy information from the Shoutwiki site or for spammers to target because that isn't fair to anyone, especially the editors. And honestly, having two wikis that host literally the exact same content is a bit redundant and counter-productive.

UPDATE 5/5: The Shoutwiki site is back up so this discussion has been reopened. I have tagged the character and episode pages with merger proposals as those would be the ones most effected (hopefully the wikia staff will leave them up and allow this community to engage in a dialogue). As of right now this is an open forum. Post your thoughts and ideas below and rest assured that each one will be read and considered carefully.

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