Hello! I didn't know where to write this, as I'm sort of new here, however I believe we should add two other pairings to the list. These pairings both regard Romania. The first one being Romania/Bulgaria. If there needs tobe an explanation as to why I bleieve this one should be added, then my reasoning is that there have been interactions between the two in official works by Himaruya. Like the halloween event where their costume wings got stuck, when Romania didn't let Bulgaria wear a certain jacket, or when they worked together for Russia.

Another pairing I would like to ask to be added one day is Hungary/Romania. I'm not sure they had any canon interaction, but there have been instances in the manga where they will mention each other or mock each other, and the relationship can be seen as a love/hate one where they constantly bicker. 

That is all I had to say, and my reson for putting it into a blog post is because I didn't want for it to be too out there or pushy, as it is an opinionsort of thing that I have here. To those reading, thank you. 

DaxisDazed (talk) 13:43, August 25, 2018 (UTC)


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