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Even though I was given "owner" rights and am an administrator - I am more of a "gatekeeper" then I am an editor.I check this wiki every day and make sure things are clean and keeping check on our members. Several health issues and other urgent issues are occuring in my personal life; however please do not hesitate to contact me with any comments or questions. 

Nice to meet you. My name is Aya (though as an ongoing joke, I'm reffered to Ami) - please feel free to refer to me as either. I'm avid bibliophile, and love light novels and drama CDs of all sorts and spend time doing some minor translating. Of the Hetalia series' vast amount of characters, I would say either Greece or Hong Kong are my favorite. I speak both English and Chinese (Mandarin and a little Cantonese), so please feel free to contact me in either language. I am also studying French and Greek - so you are free to contact me in those languages as well. As I am half-Chinese, half-Japanese, I also speak Japanese. However I am from the islands of Okinawa and Kansai, my dialect might be difficult to understand. 

很高兴认识你。 我叫安涯,(但是我朋友叫我阿米),都可以叫我“安涯”或“阿米”。 我很喜欢读小说和听光盘。 我也做有点儿得翻译。 我最喜欢義呆利 Axis Powers的人物是希腊或香港。  我会说英文和中文(普通话,有点儿粤)。请觉得你会告诉/问我什么。我也学一点儿法语,希腊,所以你可以告诉/问我在法语/希腊语。 因为我是一半是中国人一半是日本人,我可以说日话。 但是我来自冲绳和近畿地方, 你可能不明白我的语。

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