Oh...you’re here. Hello, my name is Karen. I like to do edits and some revisions on wikis. I don’t know much code, so I mostly will only do grammar or information mistakes. You most likely will only see me on anime wikis.

I’m pretty random, and I like Hetalia, Blue Exorcist, Fairy Tail, and may visit other wikis as well. I like to specialize on the Hetalia Archives Wiki. Don’t get interested in me. But here, have some facts!

I’m stuck between my favorite anime. My favorite Hetalia character is Prussia. My favorite Fairy Tail character is Loke (odd, I know. I like him though.) My favorite Blue Exorcist character is Rin (with my least favorite being Yukio because of recent chapters of the manga.) I live in Texas. I don’t like to tell that much about about location, but I have won a geography bee in fourth and tied for 5th at the district bee that was held. I was the only fourth grader and female that was in the top ten that year. I’m proud. I’m crazier than many people. Help me.

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