me valdmir tod a.k.a simon johnson

Um hey i am valdmir tod a.k.a simon johnson as u can tell i am really into stuff that has to do with vampire's i am a huge fan of the valdmir tod books.

I read the valdmir tod books so much that my friends at school give me the nickname valdmir tood and i have been going by the nickname valdmir tod for awhile now.

You can call me valdmir tod vt dr. v or vampire boy all my friends around my town call me valdmir tod and dr. v i have no idea how they come up with the nickname dr. v but it is really cool!

One time when i was in the mall with my cousin one of my friends that work there called me dr. v and there was a girl and her boyfriend sitting at the food court and when she heard my friend call me dr. v she come up to me and asked me if i was a real doctor i give her a weird look then said no mama i am not a real doctor i am only 14 years old dr. v is my nickname when i told her that is smiled at me and as she started to walk back to her boyfriend as turn her head back to me and called my dr. v so everytime i go to the mall with my cousin i see that same girl and everytime she see me she calls me dr. v and smiled when she said it.

Um not that many girls around my town or at my school like me because they think i am a freak for being into dark stuff and being into vampires so i really do not have a girlfriend i really wish i could find a girl that was into dark stuff and vampire's like i was but i guess i will never find a girl like that.

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