When I realized that, thanks to a move, I was going to be on my third IP, I decided that it was time to bite the bullet and create an account.  My previous contributions have been under the IPs (former home IP) and (hotel wi-fi when I was doing extended out-of-town work and staying at the same hotel for four days a week), and thanks to not logging in, my third IP's shown up here too (you can probably figure out who's me from the comments).  Thus, I'm the moron responsible for:

  • Taking two hours to break down the flash montage in Unlimited, not knowing that a few months later, MUGEN would show hir masters, thus making it easy.
  • Nearly starting a holy war by stating that Liechtenstein would never take her adopted brother's last name because her country was 2/3rds Catholic, and having a name like "Zwingli"...honestly, anyone who insists on this needs to look up who Zwingli was.  Then they need to look up the history of Catholic/Protestant tensions in Europe, which still goes on to this day in some enclaves.
  • Nearly starting another holy war by reversing edits of "Ireland" to "Northern Ireland" by various and sundry Brits (that is, I'm removing the "Northern" for justifiable reasons).  Well, restarting one anyway.  Hey, I grew up Catholic, so you know where my sympathies lay.
  • Becoming the English Patrol for the wiki by reversing edits or heavily modifying ones that don't make sense.  We do have standards, folks.
  • Pointing out that Hitler was wrong about his Reichs, thus adding more confusion to the HRE debate.
  • Creating a nasty bit of head-canon for Ceras by providing alternate identifications for the Habsburg Family Portrait in Black Hetalia.
  • Creating a lot of work for Ceras by pointing out that men are "blond" and women are "blonde".  Oh, by the way, men are "brunet" and women are "brunette", all you fanfic writers.  This drives me nuts.
  • Other annoying things as necessary.  Or for lulz.

And before you ask:

  • Yes, I am that old.
  • Yes, this means I graduated from college before Ceras and Icelilly were born.
  • Yes, I am male.

Wrap your head around those.  Not all Hetalia fans are adolescent females.

Other than that, some other facts:

  • I live in Alfred's house.
  • My ancestry...well, it's either Feliks' house or Gilbert's house, depending on where the border was on a particular day.
  • I lived in Ludwig's house for about three years.  Ludwig didn't know, because I think he was a little preoccupied between 1988 and 1991.
  • I don't believe that Germany is HRE.  I'll explain my head-canon in a blog post.
  • I don't ship anyone in Hetalia.  Or for that matter, in anything.  I must have picked up Ludwig's sense of romance at some point.
  • I'm a history!fag.
  • Anything else, just ask.
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