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About me[edit | edit source]

ハロー!Привет ! 您好!Bonjour ! Hola ! Ciao ! 안녕하세요 ! Sveiki ! Hei !

I am a American, Russian, Mexican, Northern Spaniard, and British girl! I came here to contribute to the Hetalia wikia! That's all!

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████████ 55% COMPLETE

► Name: Kaoru

►Gender: Female

►Age: You sure you want to know?

► Heritage: Mexican,American,Russian,British,and Northern Spaniard.

► Orientation: I am straight as Canada's curl! (LOL But I am straight)

► Languages: American,Spanish,Latin, Japanese,Russian, and Finnish.

► Hair Color: Black, Brown,and a bit of red and hazel. (due to the sun)

►Eye Color: Light Brown

► Height: 5'3

► Weight: Ain't sayin

► Hobbies: Learning new languages making AMV's and preparing for WORLD DOMINATION!

► Will you become one with Mother Russia?

Birth Place: Sylmar, California

Hometown: Sylmar

DOB: July 20

DOD: Nope! I'm still alive! (Not for long) Who said that!?

Nationality:American, Mexican, Russian, British, and Northern Spaniard.

Well about me I'm probably the most random person you'll ever meet. I like to have fun and play pranks.

I'm really neat to be around with but piss me off and you'll see lots of fire where you're going buddy.

When I started anime I was very young. My first anime was either Sailor Moon or Hamtaro, I forgot.

I started reading manga around age 10 when I started to know a liitle bit more what was anime.

And my first manwha was age 10 too.


Sorry I got carried away.

Oh I see pretty colors and unicorns and flying bunnies and fairies!

I believe Iggy!......OK That was a sign I gone too far.

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