Prussia's Halloween costume by Himaruya (10/25/10)

Hello![edit | edit source]

Thanks for visiting my page! Now to tell you a bit about me.

Hetalia[edit | edit source]

I just started to get into Hetalia earlier this year. A friend of mine that I knew introduced me to it, and since then, I've been hooked. Like, really really hooked.

I'm planning to get the DVD for Hetalia's first and second seasons before my birthday (turning 20.....I feel OLD!!!). All I have to say is that the English dubbed version is fantastic!!! (And equally, if not, funnier than the Japanese dub.) Cannot wait for the movie!!

About me[edit | edit source]

Okay, enough about Hetalia (for now).

I'm a college student at Devry University doing my BS for Technical Management (Criminal Justice to be more specific). Currently, I'm in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (born and raised there too), but I'm planning on returning to New York in January. (I was in NY since 2008 for a different one though.)

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

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