Ehehe. Sorry for all of that messing around before. I don't like blog posts in my Activity Feed and I saw there was a way to take them off on the Help Wikia. . .but apparently I was mistaken.

About Me[edit | edit source]

Name: Tara (Tarafishes on lj)

DOB: June 21, 1994

Location: Mount Vernon, New York

I'm nothing special, really. I don't do much aside sleep, eat, and roleplay, although I do my homeschool work, as well, of course. I write, on occasion, and draw, and sometimes color official art. I make icons, although I don't share them. I'm pretty smart when it comes to technology and computers, too. I also study German, when I can, and my Rosetta Stone software should get here eventually. I have a terrible memory, as well, and can be very quiet. Sort of like Poland, but not shy, just anti-social. Also like Poland, when I open up I'm a bit. Annoying. As far as I'm concerned, anyway. I've been told I'm not (that) annoying. I tend to come off as serious sometimes, and I am rather serious, but at the same time, I'm not. Sort of like Prussia. And I have a tenancy to be crazy, sadistic, scary. . .a lot of things. I am a lot of things

I usually try and be there for my friends(and strangers) to talk to, and I try and help solve problems if I can. Sometimes you just need to tell someone everything or have something you already know told to you from a source that wasn't your own head. Since I don't have much else of substance to be doing, and I'm not useful in any other way, this is what I do.

As I mentioned before, I roleplay. A lot. In fact, it's pretty much the only thing I do. I spend all day roleplay, most of the time. I usually roleplay in the Axis Powers Hetalia Dressing Room on LJ, since I don't trust myself to keep up with normal games. I only roleplay Hetalia because, at the moment, it's pretty much the only thing that keeps my attention and the only thing I'm interested in. I doubt you care, but my muselist(which is a bit messy right now) is here, and lists everyone I roleplay at the moment. Just as a warning, the list is a tad offensive. And it tells a lot about me. Mostly about my obsession with WWII, and Germany then. And the fact that I'm pretty much utterly insane.

I like Hetalia. For the history, for the silliness, everything. Except the hate--let's avoid that. It's something else. It makes me curious about things, especially the world around me and culture and language. Sometimes I like to throw a bit more history and seriousness into Hetalia, but I also love it for what it is. It can be offensive, but it's all in good fun. The fanbase can be offensive, but it's all in good fun and possibly in intent to educate.

I astound myself with how much I can say about myself. Although, I'm not talking about myself much, am I? If you have any more questions, ask me, I guess, even if they aren't related to me at all. I'll try and help out. For the most part, any of the editing I do here on the Hetalia Wikia will be undoing the work of trolls. Although I also seem to go on wild editing sprees really late at night, after doing things like rereading holiday sitejacks.

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