Hi! Welcome to my page! I'm a Student Artist and Writer and I'm still in high school. Someday I would really LOVE to travel to Europe or to Asia. I live in the U.S and I'm planning to attend a few art schools so I can persue my career in Animation and someday write and Novel. I'm into a anime and Tv shows. Like Soul Eater , Hetalia , Attack on Titan , Free! , Big Wind up , Beyond the Boundry , Durarara. (ect.) And other cartoon shows like Gravity Falls , Adventure Time , Regular Show , Steven Universe. (ect) Or just Disney(( I'm a HUGE superhero fan too. ^^))

But in all honesty i'm just a really friendly and kind person. ^^

Feel free to talk and chat with me I don't mind at all. I can be really Humourous when ever I get the chance.

If I'm Ever NOT online here contact me on here i'm on these links 24/7Edit[edit | edit source]

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