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� � �

That's me...[]

My userpage is an eternal construction site.
I'm a chinese-german, big Hetalia fan. (But lately I like Nabari no Ou even more... it... it really is better than Hetalia! It's highly recommended to read, though the first chapters are quite boring. Personally, I love Yoite and Raikou.)
(Btw, did you already notice with how many characters you can ship Kiku?? Greece, US, China, UK, Taiwan, Switzerland, Hongkong, North Italy, Korea, Russia and even Poland and Turkey...)

I also like Gyakuten Saiban (or Ace Attorney) and Professor Layton. And of course much more, but writing them all down would kill Hetalia Archive's servers...


Beloved things
1. Dim Sum! ♥
2. Drawing... manga. (my gallery)
3. Food and their cultures.
4. Cooking (It really sounds like I'm obsessed with Eating... but, like Himaruya already said, all chinese/asian people love food and they're not fat.� :))
5. Smileys (Meeting someone who uses smileys is very... relaxing.)
6. Switzerland (I wish I could go there another time...)
7. Warm places, sun and beach (SEYCHELLES FTW)
8. Programming (But IT lesson at school is disgusting.)
9. Relationship between China - Japan. (Am I the only one interested in it...?)
10. Egypt and Greece (Normal countries)

Hated things
1. The opposites of the beloved things� :)
2. USUK(!!!1!!11! *cough* I dearly hate this pairing. Please don't kill me.)
3. RaikouxGau (From Nabari. For me, that's like... um... if Layton was in love with Luke. Half-Pedo-attack.)
de-3 Dieser Benutzer spricht fließend Deutsch.
cn-1 这个用户是一个坏中,虽然这是他的母语。
fr-1 Cet utilisateur peut parle un niveau élémentaire de français.
kr-1 이 사용자는 한국어를 배우.

� � I'm currently learning a lot of languages. Well, actually I WANT to learn a lot. (10.) Here are some:

German (I'm forgetting it... too much... English... Overload! Sometimes I use english words instead of german words. They can describe situations better.)
Chinese (my native language... I'm so bad at it, I couldn't survive in China...)
Japanese (Not the most intelligent one, but sounds better than his "big brother".)
English (How do you say it the american way? My English sucks?)
French (Same here... But French is the sexiest language alive. Ah, this year we're going on a student exchange... I'm so excited...)
Russian (КольКольКольКоль... Трусы!)
Spanish (Me quiero España!(?))

Uh... This year we're going on a student exchange to Franci... uhm, France. I already learned French for three years, but I wish I could learn some years more before doing such a thing...� ;_; Also my big sister has won on a manga competition a flight ticket to Japan. TOKYO. Uhhhh, it's so terrible at the moment...! Unfortunately I can't fly with her, but she promised to buy Yao's character CD. And to eat okonomiyaki. Or drink tsumi sake. And to visit the panda couple at the Ueno Zoo and to watch the cherry blossom gardens...

One of my dreams is to move to CANADA. I really dearly love Canada, it's one of my favourite countries. (Ketchup Chips!� :D) Also I want to visit Hongkong once... and then Russia. (To eat Pierozki and Jiao Zi, haha. Yeah, I'm a fan of dumplings.)