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你好!中国是最可爱的! (Hello! China is the cutest!) welcome to my profile page :D questions? feel free to ask ^^ <3

HI :DDDD I love Hetalia ^^. I think it's important to laugh at ourselves once in a while and enjoy learning about other countries' customs! I used to think History was ok, but (of course) after watching/reading Hetalia, I think it's a lot more hilarious if you think about it :). Hetalia brings out the stereotypes and the hilarious exploits of our countries xD. Though they're not all there, we can be sure that if they were, MWHAHAH MORE FUNNY >:DDDDD. I love the stereotypes xD because sometimes, it's all too true :). I'm Chinese, Japanese, born in America and can speak some Italian ^^. (My friends say I have to stay loyal to my country and love it and stuff but then I'm thinking... "WHICH ONE?!")

"I prioritize food over everything else!" ~China[edit | edit source]

My favorite though, is China!!!!! He's adroable! (I find the Japanese's stereotypical Chinese accent to be too cute xD) Why you may ask? Why not England, or America, or Italy, or Japan? Well...

Isn't he just the most adorable aru~?!?! <3 <3 go china!!! :D <3

Americans are bad becuz they owe China over 2 billion dollars and critisize us but oh well....this makes me more culturally aware????) xD anyway.....

  • LISTEN TO IT!!! The best song ever!! <3 China's Character Song- Hello China! SOOO SOO GOOD <3 the chinese is overall said well too ^^ Go Kaida!
  • My Japanese Name is the SAME as the one who voices China!!! Yup, My japanese name is (more wonderful) than my English name; yup, my Japanese name is Kaida!!!! It means "little dragon"! <3
  • China can use a ladle and a Wok as a weapon xD that's right. Kicking butt with nothing but a ladle and a Wok since the First Dynasty!
  • He's one of the oldest (or is the oldest) nation!!!

    I LOVE CHINAA!!!! picture does not belong to me :3 <3 KYA KAWAII~aru!!! <3

  • PANDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love pandas....cuz im asian xD
  • His accent is adorable!
  • I find his interest in cute things to be exactly like myself (it's all about FOOD and KAWAII-ARU NESS!!!!<3)
  • His ponytail is adorable!!!!
  • There's not enough room to SUMMARIZE his awesomeness <3 <3 <3
  • and also... JAPAN. Y U NO GRATEFUL TO CHINA?! china has given their own language, culture, and style to the Japanese. Sure they changed some stuff here and there but if you know Japanese, a HUGEEE portion of characters are Chinese. BUT, Japan is more creative in terms of inventions ^^.
  • (since im chinese-japanese and American, i critisize myself for being chinese and saying japanese is better cuz they're more creative and innovative but then the Japanese bombed America in WWII which i don't like so I say Japanese are evil and sneaky but then that's insulting myself AGAIN and then I say that
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Epic China!!!! <3

HI THERE :D I'm Crystal (i hacked her account LOL :3 jk. i asked for the login :D) . This isn't my account xD. I'm using it to look at pages and help out :D. (It belongs to me friend,

LINKS :D Check'em out ^^[edit | edit source]

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This is the user I got the China Character song videos from. PLEASE visit her account!! She takes Hetalia Song requests!! SUBSCRIBE!!

Another youtube user whom I get videos from. VISIT their account! Subscribe!!

Hello China!- China's Character Song!!! <3333

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* China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 
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