About me[edit | edit source]

Hello, person. :)

I'm usually known as Okuyukashii regarding anything anime-related. You can call me Oku.

I became interested in Hetalia when I saw a few cosplays and got curious. This was roughly the beginning of summer 2010. I was also influenced by the fact that I have a friend who I recalled reading Hetalia fanfiction.

When I become obsessed with something, I become obsessed. I've almost entirely stopped reading, drawing, or writing anything else. I dedicate myself to my obsessions.

I read (fanfiction). I write (fanfiction). I draw (fanart).

I check my email obsessively. You can email me at okuyukashii@hotmail.com. It is also an MSN account, albeit one I'm not on often.

Other places[edit | edit source]

  • I have a LiveJournal account that I'm on fairly often. The username is xOkuyukashiix.
  • On FanFiction.net, you can find me as Okuyukashii.
  • On deviantART, I also go by Okuyukashii.
  • I have a FictionPress account, though it's just a vent for situations in real life that I don't feel like turning into a fanfiction. Again, my username is Okuyukashii.

Languages[edit | edit source]

  • I am completely fluent in English, if this isn't already obvious. :)
  • I can understand much of the Mandarin language, as long as it's spoken by someone from my parent's generation. My generation's Mandarin tends to lose me. I can read basic Chinese characters and I have the resources to figure it out if I can't. My understanding is better than my speech is better than my reading is better than my writing. :)
  • I spend eight years of my life taking French class, though I somehow still fail at it. I get the gist of things when I read them. My reading is better than my understanding is better than my writing is better than my speech.
  • Like most other people who are interested in Japanese culture, I am learning bits of Japanese at my own pace. I can read kanji only if I know the character in Chinese, I know the Japanese pronounciations of some of them, I can read all katakana and some hiragana. I have enough knowledge of the language to be able to tell when the grammar sounds awkward.

In regards to the languages I am not fluent in and all other languages: I teach myself basic phrases and bits of grammar. In the case of Russian, I have taught myself most of the Cyrillic letters to be able to read the Russian that authors like to stick in Russia fanfictions. I pick up strange pieces of languages. I have a sort of twisted logic that lets me figure out languages that I have absolutely no knowledge in.

The point of this is to reassure you that I would not attempt editing things I don't understand. :)

Hetalia and I[edit | edit source]

  • I am 80-90% of Romano's personality. I am 70-80% of Prussia's personality. Together, they make up about 85% of my personality.
    • I am lazy. I love to sleep. I have a little brother who's unbearably kind and naive. I get mad at him and have been a little rough sometimes, but if anyone else tries to hurt him I will kill them. I may seem mean when I do things like force my brother to hold my hand while walking, but I let go only when he can get home without having to cross a street. I've tried to be nice to my dad, but every time I open my mouth I end up insulting him, and I hate it. I love tomatoes. I am sometimes jealous of my little brother. I snap at people who show gratitude for the smallest things because it makes me uncomfortable. I think lowly of myself (a characteristic fans like to give Romano, I believe) roughly a third of the time.
    • I may have self-deprecating thoughts quite often (usually at night) but mostly I am very cocky. I like to be right and I get annoyed when I'm not. I can be as bad as Prussia. I like cute things. I cling to things even when they're long over. I enjoy teasing my little brother sometimes, but I'll always look out for him. I was a flutist, like many fans make Prussia. I think it's because Old Fritz played flute...? More research needed. XD One of the many genres of music I like listening to is heavy metal, just like Prussia.
  • I was born in China's capital and I am pure Chinese. I get nostalgic very easily.
  • I was forced to draw like China in art class, but feel more at home drawing manga and anime-style like Japan and Korea. I can draw chibi's like England and cute little bunnies like Switzerland.
  • I was raised in Canada and live there to this day. I like ice cream, just like Canada. I've also vacationed in Cuba. I require glasses (a trait shaared with many other characters) but I'm wearing contacts at the moment.
  • I can't cook, but not in the way England can't. Rather, I can't be bothered to remember that I'm cooking when I leave the kitchen, and something will burn or explode. I am too impatient for cooking.
  • I am a closet fujoshi like Hungary. Well, I don't know if it's "closet" for her...
  • I prefer knives to guns. I also don't find Russia that scary. I like Russia :) My hair is Belarus' length or maybe a little longer.
  • My favourite alcoholic drink is red wine like France, but mostly because I don't have exposure to much else. The only wine I usually have is at the Lord's table in church, because I'm underage in Canada. Two more years...
  • I am religious, Christian to be exact. I believe certain countries are/were as well.
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