Hello Wikia community! ^.^ I am new right now. I just wanna edit some stuff and look at Wikia pages. Please welcome me. :D I will be happy to friend most anyone who asks. I guess I should tell everyone a lil bit about myself. I am a lady, obviously -3-, anyway, I have a large interest in languages and social studies. I also love beautiful and unique things such as unique flowers. I love both Hetalia, Fairy Tail , and many other animes dearly. I am a huge otaku though you wouldn't see that on me, because I dont really have enough money to buy anime merchandise. I also love music and bands such as Falling in Reverse, Sleeping With Sirens, and Pierce the Veil. My life isn't really very social, like you won't find me on Kik, Snapchat, or Instagram :I. I don't like to take selfies cuz I always look terrible, seriously, if you look on my IPod you will so selfies I've taken. I also think I have a fetish for pairing people toegether. For example, I was reading a non-romance book and it had two cousins, one boy, one girl, and I said to myself, "They could get together right?" Once I said that to myself I was like wait wait wait, did I REALLY just say that, stupid stupid stupid. I also love shipping characters on Hetalia and Fairy Tail, such as GerIta, Spamano, USUK, Franada, RoChu, PruHun, SuFin, Giripan, EstUkr, SeaWy, KoreBel, SwissAus, NaLu, Gruvia, Jerza, ElfEver, GaLe, RoWen, Brax, Baccana, Harla, LecFro, Sting x Milliana, and Rogue x Yukino (Yes that's alot I know, but there are many more not mentions.) I must also warn you that I am a huge pervert OvO. I think I am done r


ight? Welp, that is pretty much all I guess, Ciao! ^3^

P.S. Hetalia. Ist. Leben. (Its German, Translate  it ;3)

P.P.S. I love Romania and Greece :D Both so HOT and AWESOME.*Q*

Greece Beautiful World

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