aka Lululiyan. >:T

  • I live in Texas.....El Paso......ಠ__ಠ
  • I was born on November 30
  • My occupation is Student; Freshman and a Prostitute.
  • I am a scene/skater/rocker/emo girl. Really purdy. Really tomboy. Gay for cool men (LOLLOLDERPDERP). I'm cool too amirite?

☆★★GUESS WHO IS BACK. YEAH. ME. But only on some occasions.★★☆
▬▬▬▬as of 08:13/1:13AM(Mountain Standard), February 14, 2012 (UTC)
(it is 1AM here, so I'll brb very soon.... and Happy VincentValentine's Day!⌒♥C: ヽ(●^ヮ^●)ノ

Quick Note: I've drifted away A LOT from the Hetalia fandom a lot because most are just annoying, fat re- really loud girls. •__•
I have gone to the original Wikipedia site to work on J-Rock articles. Yeah, did I tell you I was a huge fan of J-Rock? What else...I've been working on my Japanese, German, and Italian; and I am happy to say I can understand it!⌒♦ Sorry if I am writing too much for you, but hey! I'm back! I left like in the mid-December, as a little "holiday-break", turned out to be longer than expected.
What caused my sudden motivation to come back?
Uhhh idk. My social status in school is awesome! xD I'm a popular kid so I guess maybe that? No? Well idk.
Aww so you drifted off the Hetalia fandom for good? ):
Neta! (lolol Mexican slang, becuase I'm cool like that) I think about APH and participate through Fagimation's Hetalia contests at times; like I said, it was the fandom that made me "echk...*scoots away*. I've been into FLCL, one heck of an anime, my kind too! A lesson I learned was to stay away from fandom, if I want to. So I don't pay as much attention to anime, I just lean by the wall and tell the kids drawing in the manga club, "YO', UR MANGY JAPANY CHINKY CHINK DRAWINGS SUCK.*speaks in calm voice*This, is how you do it."
So what's new Scoobie Doobie?
What's new? Well I've taken an interest into photography, yet I still want to exterminate all hipsters. I have a huge love over some J-Rock bands...wasted my money over albums...and I've gotten so used to buying Japanese goods, that I see a $20 item irl and say "WOW! That's cheap! xD"/Yenjoke
Ah! Also, I've been looking foward to things because this summer my orchestra will be going to that country with bacon (Canada), mostly Northeastern Canada, to Vancouver and the Victoria islands. The year after that, we will be going to NYC(fuckyeah.jpg)‼‼ And then...we are going to Austria's house (that is for the 2013~2014 year btw), which I am super exicited for‼ :D
So I've been doing pretty good. (´◉౪◉`)

Okay, im gonna re-edit my page one day and add some new info since Hetalia Archives is dead. But here is a tiny memo:

I decided, the only edits I will make will be:

Main page polls/featured article
Undo revisions by those pesky trolls
To delete non-canon stuff, unessesary pages, fan art, stuff like that. (rules here)
Possssibblllyy do this little assignment I was supposed to do a long time ago here..

And that's all folks! :D

The reason why I'm still here is because the new HA at Shoutwiki is still down, so of course, Niyo-chan got bored and decided to rape HA until Shoutwiki is back up. >;D

Follow me (NiyoRiyo) on Twitter! I know all sorts of Hetalia crap! x) CHECKIT GIRLFRIEND/BRO

↑Somehow she's been inactive lately.

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