• I live in Somewhere (or Lau's Closet)
  • My occupation is Probably something really dumb
  • I am Female

Random jellyfish is random

Hello! My name is Nerdinyourcloset, but you can call me Nerd, Nerdie, or Narwhal! What ever floats your boat! //shot. Anyway, feel free to talk to me whenever you want, i'm on chat almost all the time. Just don't come to me trying to sell Viagra, or any other product. I'm not interested unless i hear the words free, purple, chicken, walrus, Russia, or Pasta. And yes Russia, i am willing to become one with you! //shot. I've been shot twice, i should go seek medical attention...... *dies*

My FamilyEdit

Daddy- Fredrick

Mother- Stars

Gruncle- Lei

Accepting requests! And no, i will not accept your request if your a whale. Sorry. Narwhals and whales don't go well together.

My FavoritesEdit

Hmm... there's a long list.... shall i list them all? **NOTE** This is not in order:

  1. Russia
  2. Rubber (no, not a condom)
  3. Shampoo
  4. Italy
  5. Japan
  6. Long rope
  7. string
  8. merp
  9. dunno

My favorite pagesEdit

no. Just. No. NO ONE NEED TO KNOW!! //nosebleed

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