I am Lleysleigh.

I love Hetalia.

I'm fluent in many languages, so I might have a few spelling/grammar fails. :3

I GO OTAKU OVER HETALIA. I MEAN SRUSLY. I know alot about it, though I've only been at it for about, hmm 5 or 6 months.

My general names on the web are usually CarriesBakers or Markey1234. If you see any of those two, c'est moi~!

You can find me on almost anything. I have a DA, FF, Youtube, email, you name it, and I probably have it. I'm either asleep or gone if I'm not on either one.

FF: Markey1234

Youtube: CarriesBakers

Cyber Nations: Arthur Kirkland

Babydow: CarriesBakers

DA: Markey1234

3 Go ahead and ask me anything! Hasta la Pasta!

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

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