• drapes red carpet*

OOWIE, hello and a good day to you! Kuya here, no- I'm not a Filipino or a Male, remember that! Despite my profile picture being DaveKat from Homestuck, I'm still gushing over the Hetalia fandom (madly, shall I admit) Most of my edits consisted of pairings, mostly rare ones, characters and uniform guides.

I only edit when I'm sober.

  • 2020 is going to be a bad year, I felt it.

I will take any requests on Discord. Just a heads-up.

Currently always inactive due to a sudden busy school year.
Also active for a few months.

My Fav Page (s)[edit | edit source]

I don't have one to be honest, but I prefer editing Iceland, Hong Kong and Liechtenstein at the current moment. I usually just add pics.

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