Sup! I'm new at this so don't kill me. Soooo. I guess I'll tel you about myself. 

  1. I love hetalia and pjo
  2. I actually love many animes and books
  3. I'm a Mexican girl and I will not tell you my age
  4. Or my last name
  5. eerrmmm I hate school
  6. I'm failing math yet acing english wtf
  7. I don't to any physicial fitness of any kind
  8. did I mention that I love hetalia?
  9. I can't think of anything interesting. Hell!
  10. I love tumblr <3
  11. My url is ashleylovespjohoo
  12. I like deviant art but I never post anything
  13. I cant do art to save my life. 
  14.  I wish I could
  15. I'm hungry
  16. It's midnight dammit
  17. I have school!
  18. I'm a good friend (ish) because I make funny (yet sometimes cruel) jokes
  19. Yet I'm very short tempered and I swear often.But hey, If someone messes with my friend THEY DIE
  20. Oh look I made it to 20. One more fact. umm I'm pretty violent when I'm pissed XD
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