Kanada da yo~ <3

You shall find nothing interesting here. . . Edit

Currently practicing speaking in fully developed sentences, it is I, FluffySkies95 ! This is my first time joining something simply for the sake of helping others (I guess the fact that I like this series counts for something), so I feel pretty good about this.

I unfortunately never felt like or was encouraged to learn another language until recently, so English is pretty much my main communication device. I am currently learning Japanese on my own, and Spanish for the next three years. Honestly, I would love to learn every language there is in this awesome world and have found every single one I have heard highly interesting to listen to, but Japanese is a favorite, and Spanish is beneficial, so I start my journey there.

My Favorite Pages~Edit

I like every single page on Hetalia Wiki, and it would cause me severe mental strain to try to seperate them into a small list. Or at least a few hours. Visit them all, read them all, as they all have an important service to give ;)

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