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I'm here and there, depending on how busy I am in the outside world or how much free time I get. I'm just another crazy fan here, spreading the nation-love. My name may mean something or it may not, whichever you want to go with (sometimes it's hard picking a name wherever one goes). I had an old habit of using a "cherry" theme in usernames though, but I've broken it. Sometimes it's just best to separate your names from each other, to mix it up a little...even if you wind up picking a name that sounds rather lame in retrospect.

About Me (Basics)Edit

Name- Ceras is just fine.

DOB- 9/14/88

Sign- Virgo

Occupation- A student

Location- Somewhere south

Favourite Hetalia Character(s): I actually have quite a bunch, but these are a few of 'em:

Feliciano Vargas, Matthew Williams, Elizabeta Héderváry, Lovino Vargas, Peter Kirkland

Pairing-wise, I'm not usually much of a "pair-em-up" person. But certain pairs of characters do interest me, though sometimes like with favorite characters, my interest may wane or go up more. With so many characters, how can you really choose?

Other ThingsEdit

en-3 This user is fluent in English.

  • I'm pretty fluent in English, but my spelling will sometimes shift between American and British. And I'm always stumped on "gray" vs. "grey". I know scattered bits of a few other languages, and know some terms and names in katakana, but I wouldn't say I'm fluent in Japanese at all. I've been currently learning Spanish (and now on the second course of it).
  • Still gotta get the userboxes figured out.
  • I'm not a pure "Hetard", though the five-minute format does make it a lot easier for me to watch with how busy things can get in the "real life" (though unfortunately on the other hand, the five minute time limit can also be quite limiting). That, and I need something to hold interest in that's not on my list of purely-radioactive fandoms (some people really make this one a chore to be in sometimes though D:).
  • I'm a terrible procrastinator at some things. Sometimes other factors might contribute to burnout and procrastination too, like fixing up the relationships article. But apparently I spend way too much time editing and adding for contributions here, I'm well past 2000 now.
  • Historical Hetalia fanworks: Nice. Pretentious and "edgy" ones that paint all characters as demented sociopaths in an attempt to provide an 'accurate' look at history (with everything being equated to buggering)? Not so cool, especially if thinly-veiled racism shows through for certain ones. Rape-machine Russia and/or Italy? Scary.
  • TVTropes has gotten to be pretty pretentious and an overrated tool, though it's got some handiness to it still.
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