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About me[]

My name is Hannah, I'm fifteen years old.

My favorite character in APH/HAP is Feliks, followed by Liet, and Su-san .

I enjoy drawing, and I post some of my stuff at my deviantArt.

My LJ screen name is cecinestpasune, because LJ has a fifteen character limit, apparently, and I hate cutting words off in the middle.

I live in San Antonio, Texas, and have sadly never left the States.

I'm currently learning Spanish.

Most of my ancestors are from Ludwig's house, but I think Arthur and Francis got in there somewhere too.

I like how everyone here shortens my name to "Pipe" even though I am "Not A Pipe" ^.~

I'm a bit Obsesive-Compulsive about things, for example using human names on articles. Yeah.

My favorite pages[]

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