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If anyone here speaks French, tell me so. I'd love to practice it with you.

Je veux parler français avec toi. Contacter-moi!

I actually made a page for myself. I'm so awesome.Edit

I'm a serious hippie. I consider myself intelligent, as well as a skeptic, and I pride myself on that. I'm sarcastic, as well as a little arrogant, too. You'll find that I edit my own edits several times before I think it "looks good" - call it obsessive compulsive, if you'd like.

Stuff you don't care about:Edit

  • I love this wikia - I mean come on, an actual encyclopedia dedicated to Hetalia? That's gold.
  • I speak (sort of) four languages: Portuguese, French, English and bad English. I speak horrible Portuguese, even though its my native tongue, and I'm still learning French.
  • I'm Brazilian, though I was raised in Jeeeersey.
  • Looking to become an abnormal psychologist - that is, I want to work with .
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