I love discussions. If you have a good defense for your views and use proper English, I will give you the respect you deserve. However, be prepared for a heated argument if you deride my opinions without proper criticisms.

I have a tendency to fix grammatical errors; I also have a tendency to change syntax. I prefer active tense because passive tense is too verbose, sometimes to the point where the reader has to struggle to understand the sentence; I am an advocate for concise wording. If I happen to rewrite your edit to an article, know that I do so without any malicious intention; I simply want to make it easier for other people to read. Also, my pet peeve only applies to the articles; I try to be neutral with blog/talk posts.

About Me

Name: Any abbreviation of my username

YOB: 1990

Occupation: Undergraduate

Location: NC, USA

Languages: I can talk comfortably with America and, to some extent, with England. I can carry on a conversation with South Korea, though he may have to be patient. I can attempt to talk to Spain and Japan, but they would quickly get annoyed by my ignorance. Every other nation would find me to be a hopeless case...

Personality: I have been told that I am:

  • intimidating like Sweden when I'm not talking
  • strict like Germany when I'm scolding
  • indirect like Japan when I'm replying to requests
  • annoying like America when I'm feeling happy
  • terrifying like Russia when I'm truly angry

Other place(s) I wander: FF

"This was the result of a quirk of fate...Hate your own destinies, who set me upon your ship like an angel of death."

-Roronoa Zoro

My Attitude Towards Hetalia

I see it as a show that plays on stereotypes so well that one would have to be extremely sensitive to be offended. The series depicts how people in the world view each other and tests them to see if they can accept it. Some people have a hard time realizing that Hetalia's portrayal is not necessarily the "correct" one and that there are many who do not judge according to the manga/anime. Hence, Hetalia gets both love and hate, and I sit back and find amusement in watching the never-ending debates while occasionally entering the fray.

More Unnecessary Information

Every character in Hetalia Axis Powers has an individuality that I adore; there really isn't a character I dislike, though I prefer some over others.

  • America: Probably a little biased because he's my home country; nevertheless, he holds a special place in my heart. I enjoy the fact that he is so clueless about the world (like the majority of Americans, including myself at times) and that he has an overbearing sense of justice. However, I wish he would use his "serious" voice more frequently in the anime (sometimes I feel as if the high-pitched tone is too artificial)
  • England: First time I saw him, my attention was drawn to his eyebrows; actually, they still draw my attention. The fact that he's tsundere always hiding his true feelings makes me smile; I wondered why he's so intent on keeping them to himself, then I realized that I do the same. It makes me laugh when he overreacts to others' actions (love the =_=). But I found that I had to reevaluate my views on the American Revolution after reading/watching his defeat (who knew it would touch my heart so much?)
  • Russia: Cute but psycho; the worst type of person to meet. Yet, I can't help but be drawn to his character. He has an innocence that makes him adorable, though when it's combined with his darker side I don't know whether to laugh or cry (maybe both?). I had the hardest time convincing someone to give him a chance (did I even succeed?); eventually, I told the person that the "scary" part is Soviet Union and the "cute" part is Russia (I bet the reader's thinking about how BS this sounds haha)
  • South Korea: I don't know if his claim is true, but the blood that runs through my veins definitely originated from him; like America, my love for SK is probably a little biased. However, I don't want to discuss "everything came from Korea" nor do I want to discuss his cancellation in the anime (a tense issue that might lead to undesirable consequences). On another note, when I saw the little "soul" in his hair, I thought about how soul sounds like "Seoul" (I don't know if it was intended, but Himaruya, you are a genius)
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