This is a listing of outfits worn by Ukraine in Hetalia: Axis Powers. Changes made to them in other adaptations, such as the anime, are noted where applicable.

As a childEdit


Ukraine as a child.

The younger Ukraine appeared in a flashback in Russia's Big And Little Sisters with her siblings. She was shown to wear a light blue dress with a darker blue coat over it, and had longer hair tied back into braids at the back of her head.

An earlier sketch done by Himaruya showed a young Ukraine with loose pigtails, who appeared to wear a flowing cloak.

Military Uniform (Soviet Union)Edit

A sketch by Himaruya depicts Ukraine wearing a long brown military coat, a matching hat, white gloves, and tall dark boots.

An additional drawing shows that she wears a lighter brown jacket and pants underneath the coat, along with a white cravat.

Common ClothingEdit


Ukraine's common clothes.

Ukraine often appears wearing a blouse and blue, breech-style overalls.

She also wears a blue ribbon around the collar of her blouse, and tall boots. Ukraine also wears a green headband and hairclips when dressed in this outfit. In the anime, her headband is colored yellow.

Gakuen HetaliaEdit

This version of Ukraine wears a sweater and a short red plaid skirt, with a white dress shirt and black tie underneath her sweater. She also wears white knee-high stockings and "Mary Jane" shoes.


These are all the outfits that Ukraine has worn. Please note that this list is incomplete. Please click for larger viewing.

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