This is a listing of outfits worn by Seychelles in Hetalia: Axis Powers. Changes made to them in other adaptations, such as the anime, are noted where applicable.

Dress[edit | edit source]

Seychelles is often shown wearing a light blue dress with puffed sleeves. While it appears to be simply blue in some instances, it is also shown to have a flower print in other appearances.

She sometimes wears sandals with the dress, but appears barefoot in other reference pictures.

Gakuen Hetalia[edit | edit source]

In the game of Gakuen Hetalia, Seychelles wears the winter girls' uniform, which consists of a white sweater and dress shirt, a black (or red) tie, and a red plaid skirt. She wears white knee high socks and black Mary Jane-style shoes.

Africa Class uniform[edit | edit source]

A scrapped concept sketch shows Seychelles wearing a uniform for the Africa Class at the school.

This uniform differs from her standard one in that she wears the khaki vest and skirt with a long-sleeved white blouse and black tie underneath it.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

These are all the outfits that Seychelles has worn. Please note that this list is incomplete. Please click for larger viewing.

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