Okay maybe this question will be better suited for someone that would know about military uniforms more than I (which is not a whole lot as that's not my field of knowledge), but is Prussia's WWII uniform (and by extension Germany's) a Waffen-SS or a general Wehrmacht?

I was lead to believe it was the former early on by others when I was picking up research for the wikia, and from some pictures I saw there was a uniform that did look very similar, plus seeing as there hasn't been much correction I've wondered if I nailed it. But I've heard some other fans insist that it's not Waffen-SS but the general Wehrmacht uniform, there seems to be a tad bit of debate so I'm wondering if there could be some confirmaiton. If you guys are wondering why it's so hard for me, let's just say it feels very awkward to look up military uniforms in general, and quite often one will get results for skinhead sites if you look up certain WWII topics and that's just another ugly can of worms. That, and from what I recall of the Death Camp/Panzer uniform debate on the Livejournal community, there seemed to be uniforms that looked very identical but had different details to them. God, this is an awkward discussion topic. Ceras SanMarina 22:24, May 10, 2010 (UTC)

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