Female Korea/MoeKan Info[edit source]

Over the past few months, fans have been discovering deleted/lost images and strips of "Hetalia" and even some hidden pages. The Japanese fandom on 2ch seem to have found even more, and most of the "deleted" old site stuff isn't actually lost forever after all, but actually hidden in the site files.

A friend and I found what appeared to be another picture of the rejected female South Korea, except it wasn't. There were a few differences in the design, and with the filename-replacement technique, it turned out it was an entirely different comic unrelated to Hetalia. It was called "MoeKan" ("moe" + "kankuko", aka "Korea"). It seems he reused the basics of rejected!Korea's design for the lead, and the friend had someone scanlate it. So female S.Korea did live on in some fashion, though Himaruya quickly abandoned the series. Maybe there can be an article on it for reference, dunno.

Visual differences to tell them apart: Sena (aka "MoeKan") has no bangs/fringe, while FemKorea does. FemKorea also has a braid, while Sena just has a simple ponytail. FemKorea's hanbok sleeves are also ridiculously exaggerated. But despite all of that, the two have an uncanny resemblance.

FemKorea did appear in one other early Hetalia sketch though, where she's arguing with France over something.

Ceras SanMarina 18:06, 18 June 2009 (UTC)

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