Himaruya's Production Notes On Italy[edit source]

(from the same source of Prussia's and UK's)

・A useless young man of a southern country who loves girls, delicious food and the sun.

・His emotions are intense and he is a bit of a crybaby. His hobbies are drawing and siesta.

・If you approach him he seems to make a "Ve~" sound. His crying voice sounds somewhat like when you yell against an electric fan.

・The curl is "the sexual something of the Italians" (erogenous zone!)

・This goes for Germany as well, but because he didn't grow up much at one point of time, I made his apparent age lower than his neighbors'.

・Nicely said he is quite big hearted, badly said he is a sloppy personality.

・He has a good head for business, but since a lot happened and there is his brother who lost his motivation to do anything, their house's economy is slightly difficult.

・He has a habit of relying on Germany. Also, it's a mystery why his neighboring countries pamper him.

・When he ended up in the hub of the world's attention because of his fight with Ethiopia, he was helped by America, France, Germany etc. so in the end he didn't get hit at all.

・He is the country that is the motive to draw this comic.

・Physically he is not not that weak, but because of "there are no cute girls watching", "the enemy is scary" and such reasons he's useless. Ceras SanMarina 17:53, 5 July 2009 (UTC)

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