Production Notes by Himaruya[edit source]

(The LJ translation on these was said to be a bit iffy and I've tried to clean up grammar where possible, from the original translation)

・As a child his personality was morose but growing up it feels like he has calmed down. That childhood personality was because after being driven out by Switzerland he wouldn't trust in people much.

・He doesn't have such a bad eyesight but he wears his glasses, because without them he looks plain.

・The glasses stand for "Austria's musical something".

・Because he became a big country thanks to risky arranged marriages, his actual strength is not that great.

・The one hair standing up is Mariazell.It's a part of his body he doesn't really like being pulled.

・I made him lack sense of direction because of this joke: In an Austrian pharmacy, the salesperson told the customer to wait for a little while. After all he came back only after an hour. The customer asked why and he replied: "I got lost in the storehouse."

・For sometime he spent his life in a wheelchair. (iffy translation)

・He refused to unite with Germany because it was what France wanted. He even made up a law forbidding becoming one with Germany. But afterwards, he disregarded that and united with him.

・Because he was standing next to Italia, he became big already as in childhood.

・I was thinking of continuing to draw him in the style of the Chibitalia period but when I was absorbed into reading Austrian history, at some point he became a slightly hetare-like character.

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