Spain/England is an uncommon pairing involving the characters Spain and England. The pairing is also referred to as SpUK or UKSp (taken from Spain and United Kingdom) 

Elizabethan EraEdit

In the late-1500s, England, jealous of Spain, decided to use his pirates to dethrone Spain. Whenever Spain would protest, England would give the excuse that the pirates (or rather, his privateers) were giving him trouble as well (a blatant lie). However, when Spain came back to protest one day, he saw England giving an award ceremony for his sea dogs.

After that, Spain was beaten so badly he eventually had to give up his seat of power to England.

Other StripsEdit

In the War of the Austrian Succession strips (part of the Maria Theresa series), England and Spain are on opposite sides, England having teamed with Austria and the Netherlands, and Spain with France and Prussia.

Fan SpeculationsEdit

Fans believe that the two have a bitter past, as both have been portrayed as "pirates" at one point (with Spain being a conquistador), especially during the Anglo–Spanish War (1585–1604), during which the weather managed to defeat Spain's Armada. Though the two have had little interaction in the series canon, fans have made their relationship somewhat into a rivalry.

Most fanfictions around the pairing are usually done around the pirate ages and the colonization of the New World as that is the time the two nations interacted the most.


Webcomic: Extra StoriesEdit

  • Maria Theresa Series
  • We Love England
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