Spain/Belgium is a somewhat common pairing involving the characters Belgium and Spain. The pairing is also referred to as SpaBel and Orange Waffle (オレンジワッフル) in the Japanese fandom.


Belgium seems to get along with Spain, unlike her brother Netherlands. In the Boss CD, Spain helps Belgium with laundry and with South Italy. They enjoyed friendly meals together, as well, including the churros that he and Romano made together. When her brother left to become independent, she not only stayed with Spain, but ended up having to fight her brother.

The Christmas 2007 Event revealed that when her brother left to become independent she not only stayed with Spain but also fought along side him. In the 2010 Christmas Event she is attacked by Parallel Spain and stops him by giving him her scarf. He falls in love with her, although she doesn't seem to notice he looks exactly like Spain.



  • Boss Spain and Chibi Romano
  • Christmas Special 2007
  • Christmas Bloodbath 2010
  • Halloween 2011


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