The Seven Colors of Hetalia (七色のヘタリア動画 Nanairo no Hetalia Douga) is a fan video by Nico Nico Douga user Axis-P. It uses several Vocaloid voices to portray the various characters of Hetalia to parody the video "The Seven Colors of Nico Nico Douga", the 2009 Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga video.

Song list and parodiesEdit

  1. "Black Rock Shooter" (Miku Hatsune original song by supercell) - Chibitalia wondering where Holy Roman Empire is
  2. "Heavenly Star" (Song by Genki Rockets) - France talking about himself
  3. "Do-Dai" (Song from IDOLM@STER game) - North Italy talking about his cowardice
  4. "Under My Skin" (Song by Paffendorf feat. Leyla de Vaar) - Ukraine and her bouncing breasts
  5. "Dancing Samurai" (Gackpoid original song by Kanimiso-P) - Sealand talking about himself
  6. "Sand Canyon" (BGM from Kirby's Dream Land 3 game) - Lithuania worrying about Russia and Poland, and wishing he could live in America's house
  7. "Sky High" (BGM from Kirby Super Star game) - Estonia and his coolness...except when it involves Latvia
  8. "Pop Star" (BGM from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards game) - Latvia talking about only wanting friends but being afraid of Russia
  9. "Got the Groove" (Song by SM-Trax) - Belarus wanting to get married to
  10. "Septette for the Dead Princess" (Remix of song from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil game) - Poland talking about loving ponies and painting his house pink, but also being aggressive
  11. "Bad Apple!!" (Remix of song from Lotus Land Story game) - Finland talking about Sweden
  12. "Ora Tokyo sa Igu Da" (Song by Ikuzo Yoshi) - Sweden talking about himself
  13. "Rotten Girl" (Miku Hatsune) - Hungary talking about herself, Prussia, and her love for Austria
  14. "Starry Sky" (Song by capsule) - Seychelles complaining about restrictive systems and colonization
  15. "Hello Windows" (Remix of Windows start-up music) - Various Hetalia characters holding up their favorite foods
  16. "Saikyō Pare Parade" (OP of Haruhi Suzumiya radio show) - Norway talking about seeing spirits and being cold to Denmark
  17. "Sora" (Song from IDOLM@STER game) - Finland, Sweden, and Denmark getting together and making things, as well as being the "Nordic Rangers"
  18. "celluloid" (Miku Hatsune original song by baker) - Holy Roman Empire talking about Chibitalia fearing for HRE's life and wondering when he will meet Chibitalia again
  19. "The Disappearance of Miku Hatsune" (Miku Hatsune original song by cosMo) - Canada being worried about disappearing
  20. "Lion" (OP of Macross Frontier anime) - America talking about wanting to be independent and prove to England he can be serious
  21. "Seikan Hikō" (OP of Macross Frontier anime) - England, in Britannia Angel form, talks about being an angel
  22. "Nihon no Mikata -Nevada Kara Kimashita-" (Song by Yazima Beauty Salon) - America, Japan, and France being "otaku", and Japan talking about having an "uncorrupted" body, because he started the otaku trend
  23. "Promise" (Song by Kohmi Hirose) - Turkey talking about his relations with Greece and Japan
  24. "Tamashii no Refrain" (Evangelion: Death and Rebirth anime movie theme) - China defending his position and talking about "his Shinatty"
  25. "World is Mine" (Miku Hatsune original song by supercell) - Prussia boasting about himself being awesome
  26. "Beloved Tomboyish Daughter" (BGM of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil game) - Spain saving South Italy from France, but with South Italy giving no gratitude and only eating tomatoes
  27. TOWN (BGM of IDOLM@STER game) - Egypt advertising pots
  28. "Mizonokuchi Taiyou Zoku" (OP of Tentai Senshi Sun Red anime) - Spain declaring he won't give South Italy up to anyone
  29. "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" (Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea anime movie theme) - Russia talking about the winter...koru
  30. "Hakata no Shio" (Hakata no Shio commercial jingle) - Iceland advertising licorice
  31. "smooooch・∀・" (Song from beatmaniaIIDX 16 EMPRESS game) - Cuba talking about his relations with Canada and America
  32. "Double Lariat" (Luka Megurine original song by Agoaniki-P) - Greece talking about moussaka and taking naps
  33. "Tewi! ~Eien Tewi ver.~ (Remix of BGM of Imperishable Night game) - Switzerland talking about his drawings and his neutrality
  34. "Roshin Yūkai -MELTDOWN- (Rin Kagamine original song by iroha(sasaki)) - Liechtenstein talking about the pajamas she made for her brother
  35. "Ojamajo Carnival!!" (OP of Ojamajo Doremi anime) - South Korea talking about himself
  36. "Blue Flame" (Song from Prince of Tennis anime musical) - Austria scolding people
  37. "The Regulars" (Song from Prince of Tennis anime musical) - Belgium, Taiwan, and Hong Kong complaining that they haven't officially appeared yet
  38. "Hammer theme" (BGM of Donkey Kong game) - Germania and Holy Roman Empire talking about being strong
  39. "RED ZONE" (Song from beatmania IIDXRED game) - Germany scolding North Italy and talking about potatoes and beer
  40. An interlude of one-liners parodying many songs, done by every country
  41. "Don't say "lazy"" (ED of K-On! anime) - Ancient Rome talking about himself
  42. Nico Nico Douga jingle used to make announcements - Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire closing off the video


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