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Sealand/Latvia is an uncommon pairing involving the characters Latvia and Sealand. It is sometimes referred to by the name SeaLat, taken from the first three letters of their nation names (Sealand and Latvia).

First Encounter[]

Latvia stabs Sealand in the neck with a flower.

The two nations first met at a world meeting, where Sealand was attempting to get other nations to recognize him, and directly after Lithuania offered his warnings about what being a nation would entail. Latvia attacked Sealand with a flower—an assault that was apparently based on a similar attack by a Latvian schoolgirl on Prince Charles of England in 2001.

In a later strip Latvia approaches Sealand and asks to take the seat on the park bench next to him. His intent seems to be giving Sealand advice as a "Big Brother", but he ends up dissolving into tears and being comforted by Sealand after he attempts to talk about the importance of having friends.

Fan Speculations[]

The pairing of Sealand and Latvia is viewed by some as a purely brotherly relationship or a friendship.

Latvia (left) is comforted by Sealand (right) after a failed attempt to give the principality advice on being a nation.

Other fans consider it to be a legitimate slash relationship, seeing as they appear close in the strips and have a good deal in common. Their personalities are interpreted as meshing well, with Sealand being a comfort and inspiration for the weepy and easily spooked Latvia, and Latvia providing the grounding influence Sealand needs to keep from being completely carried away by his ambitions. They are also often pairded together as they are close in age, with Latvia being 15, and Sealand being 12.

This pairing is often seen as light-hearted, but darker fanworks often include Latvia's alcoholism influencing Sealand, or Russia's control over Latvia causing a dangerous situation for both young nations.


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