Russia/Prussia is a common pairing involving the characters Russia and Prussia. It is also known as RusPrus or RuPru that deprived from the first syllables both of their names. The other pairing name is Snow Bunny, coming from Prussia's comparison to an albino bunny and Russia's harsh winter that brings a huge amount of snow.

Relationship[edit | edit source]

Prussia is not as afraid of Russia as others; he explained that Germany's become so strong he's not freaked out by Russia as much anymore and that he sometimes enjoys interfering with Russia and his neighbors. Russia seems to want to befriend him in modern times, and he was friendly towards him during his April Fools blog, wishing him good night and asking him if it was warm when he did so. While Prussia had, initially responded negatively, he seemed to calm down regarding Russia's presence over time.

Russia's Childhood[edit | edit source]


It was shown in the Beautiful World Series Episode 104: Russia and Friends that during Russia's childhood days, he was often threatened by many small countries and major powers that wanted to conquer him. Among the majority of them, the Teutonic Knights situated in Prussia was included.

Prussia was also in his childhood years when he attacked Russia. Firstly, Russia was chased by him and others, he cried about how all of them were being mean to him. Russia stopped when a teenage Denmark and Sweden jumped from the trees to corner him.

Russia was dejected from all the bullying that he decided to call upon General Winter. Even with him, Russia was still defenceless and the scene cut into that.

After that, Prussia had showed up once again to declare battle on Russia. Russia was shown to be frightened when they met at the battlefront, which was a frozen pond. Less, he was more worried about the situation and asked Prussia and his fellow men to reconsider the battle. However, Prussia ignored his comment and instead, brandished his holy sword and jumped for battle while Russia insisted for them to stop.

Seconds passed and the ice suddenly cracked underneath the men's feet. The pond broke and dropped them into the frigid water and as Russia screamed that he told them so.

The Teutonic Knights were dragged out by Russia and as he laid down his enemies, he had an off-put smile on his face before choking Prussia by the neck. As he strangled the latter, Russia told him about how the Teutonic Knights often get carried away and that he should think more before he acts. The usual dark aura surrounded Russia as he continued to choke Prussia, Prussia managed to say an apology.

Chibi Russia choking a defeated Prussia.

Prussia was forced to retreat and he was very negative about this.

After that, it was the end of the day and Russia wrote about the Teutonic Knights' attempt to conquer him and how he hoped when they come again, they'll be friends while Prussia wrote about how the Russians used dirty trick to feign him on losing the battle.

Medieval Europe[edit | edit source]

Prussia reacts to Russia's sudden appearance.

In World Stars ☆ strips Prussia is ordered by his boss to inspect France and know his dress style as they want to appear fancy and informed of the current trend.

With this, Prussia goes and while spying France, Russia suddenly appears behind him and greets him in a feiendly way. He screams and askes Russia why he's here, with Russia answering that he's also send by his boss to spy on France.

Despite of his lack of friendship with Russia, they both decide to spy together and come up with clothes that suit France's current style.

Prussia is impressed by his current clothes but is worried when Russia doesn't say anything. The latter compliments his clothes using words written on a board, Russia finally admits that he can't breathe as the clothes are too tight and choking him.

Berlin Wall/Cold War[edit | edit source]

After the end of WWII, the separation of Berlin began following the collapse of Germany. The country was divided into four zones: the West going to the US, France, and Great Britain, while the East was occupied by the Soviet Union. Much of the media created for this pairing focuses around this time period, with many fanworks portraying Prussia (then known as the Deutsche Demokratische Republik) living with Russia alongside the other members of the Soviet household.

Prussia DDR.png

There are a few instances in canon supporting this pairing, one being art of Prussia in the DDR's winter uniform with Russia's shadow visible in the background. Another is a blog post pulled from Himaruya's website detailing that Prussia occasionally gets Ostalgic and, when he becomes Ostalgic enough, Russia will appear to impose himself on him. This same posts also states that "big brother (Prussia) is attached to Russia". 

Fan Speculations[edit | edit source]

Though a small portion of the fandom chooses to portray this ship as problematic, the majority paints the two as being close to each other, sometimes even longing for the 'old days' (tying in with Prussia's Ostalgie).

Fanworks of this pairing set in the Cold War may even portray it as a love/hate relationship.

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